How To Create An Animated Infographic Using Adobe Animate

  1. Create New HTML5 Canvas
  • 900 x 500 pixels
  1. File - import - import to stage
  • make sure all layers is checked, then import
Animate a Cloud
  1. In timeline, lock the background layer
  2. Choose the cloud with the select tool
  3. right-click - convert to symbol
  4. Name it "Cloud", then click ok
  5. select the cloud, drag it all the way to the left, off the screen
  6. right-click cloud, create motion tween
  7. Change to 16 seconds in timeline
  8. Control - test
Rotate Windmill and Arrows
  1. Choose the windmill blades with the select tool
  2. right-click - convert to symbol
  3. Name it "Windmill Blades", then click ok
  4. Double-click windmill blades
  5. right-click windmill blades, create motion tween
  6. Click ok
  7. Click in middle of motion tween timeline.
  8. Go to properties and select "Clockwise"
  9. Drag timeline to 3 seconds
  10. Control - test